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21mm (7/8") Brown/Mahogany Collagen Casings 21mm (7/8") Brown/Mahogany Collagen Casings
Our Price: $19.49
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68mm (2 11/16") Flat Collagen Casings, 100' Reel 68mm (2 11/16") Flat Collagen Casings, 100' Reel
Our Price: $42.49
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Collagen Casings for Sausage & Smoking

Collagen casings are ideal for certain types of sausage, especially if you’re not concerned with linking and want something that’s easy to stuff. These casings are made from the underside of cattle hide, which has a high collagen content. The Sausage Maker carries both strand and flat collagen casings, differentiated by the thickness of the casing and their construction. Remember that strand collagen casings come in two varieties: fresh, which are thinner casings and should be cooked shortly after stuffing, and smoked, which are thicker and intended for smoking.

We have over 50 types of collagen casings for sale right here, so you can choose the exact diameter you need in a fresh or smoked variety, depending on the taste you’re going for. These are some of the easiest casings to use and require very little preparation, so they’re great for first-timers. Be sure to read our Casings 101 article on collagen casings, and happy stuffing!