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Knife Sharpening Tools

Cutting meat with an old, dull blade is like painting with an old, stiff paintbrush—it’s impossible to be precise and your finished product ends up looking sloppy. Any good butcher will tell you that a sharp knife is an absolute necessity for good cuts of meat, and your average scissor and blade sharpener isn’t made to withstand the frequency with which a butcher uses his most important tools. Ask any good butcher to name the top tools of his or her trade and you're sure to hear “knives” at or near the top of the list. Hand-in-hand with some good, sharp knives go a quality professional knife sharpener or, better yet, a complete blade sharpening system. Various different types of knives require a specific method for keeping them sharp and we offer commercial knife sharpening equipment to do the job and to do it well. Whether you're a professional butcher or working in the garage cutting up game or in the kitchen cooking for the family, you'll find the kitchen knives sharpening tools here that will help keep all your blades cutting safely and smoothly, slice after slice!

Why do we carry such a wide range of personal and commercial knife sharpening equipment? A variety of cutting tools requires a variety of honing methods. We carry complete kits for the more hands-on knife wielder and several types of professional knife sharpener for everyday use in the kitchen. Select from the top-of-the-line Chef'sChoice 130 Pro Sharpening Station, the 312 Diamond UltraHone Knife Sharpener or the budget-priced Chef'sChoice 4623 AngleSelect Pro Knife Sharpener. Lots of affordable honing kits are also available.As with all of our products, we stand behind every kitchen knife sharpener we sell for its durability and ease of use. Not sure which type of sharpener is best for your blade? Ask us!