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The Smoke Pistol Cold Smoke Generator

You can easily learn how to cold smoke meats, fish and cheese by going online and reading any of the many tutorials that can be found there. You'll find that the major difference between the cold and hot smoking of foods is the temperatures involved. Hot smoking is the process of adding a smoke flavoring to meat and fish while simultaneously cooking the meat under high temperature. Since cold smoking occurs at relatively low temperatures, usually somewhere around 75 degrees F, the food must be cooked beforehand. The exception is with smoked salmon, which can be eaten uncooked.

To provide you with the needed smoke for your cold smoking activities, we offer the unique Smoke Pistol cold smoke generator, available either with or without a selection of Smoke Pistol cartridges. This cold smoking equipment features a small blower that produces a constant output of smoke for up to 4 hours and has an adjustable blower speed.