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NSF Food Dehydrators

Dehydrating started as an easy way to preserve food through a long, cold winter. It wasn’t long before the early hunters who hung the meat out realized the tasty twang and long shelf life of dehydrated products. After many years of innovation, the electric food dehydrator was born, and the dehydration process became as easy as the flip of a switch.

Creating your own dried snack sticks is as easy as purchasing an excellent commercial grade meat dehydrator from the Sausage Maker. Our dehydrators are top quality and not just for meat – they also make excellent fruit and vegetable dehydrators for creating your own fruit leather, natural herbs or potpourri. With several large commercial dehydrator options to choose from, you can pick the dehydrator that fits your personal needs – whether you’re an at-home chef or a large-scale restauranteur. Our digital dehydrators are NSF approved for Sanitation and Electrical, making them ideal professional and commercial food dehydrators. If you’re a home cook with an affinity for dehydrated treats, consider trying a Harvest Fiesta food dehydrator, designed specifically with at-home creations in mind. We carry both entirely stainless steel dehydrators and dehydrators with BPA-FREE plastic parts.

Whether you’re craving fruit, herbs or jerky, dehydrators are the key to keeping tasty homemade snacks in your home. Shop with the Sausage Maker today to ensure you’re getting a quality dehydrator for a superb price.